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Ronin Style Sword Guy Bottomless Box

Ronin Style Sword Guy Bottomless Box

SKU: 05132024001

Ronin style Sword Guy Bottomless Box


Over $400.00 value of swords, blades, knives and more


10 items guaranteed per box, 1 full sized or pair of a functional sword randomly selected from the swords shown on the website


and then more blades, knives and or more swords that I sell locally plus assorted sword related accessories, pop culture items. I pack each box to the point of bursting, with good, quality, functional sharp blades.


 For the cost of $200.00 plus $30.00 shipping within Canada and the United States due to the weight and length of the box it is a higher shipping amount. Each one is about 8 lbs to 10 lbs 


International orders are available for shipping. Shipping to Europe is a flat rate $90.00 Canadian, shipping to Australia and New Zealand $120.00 Canadian


Box Dimensions

Box Length : 48 inches

Box Width : 10 inches

Box Height : 4 inches

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